Reach out to key decision makers through e-mailers in the new projects market


ProjectsToday – Digital Mailing Solution (PT-DMS) is an initiative from ProjectsToday which has been serving Indian industry’s need for up-to-date information on the new project sector through its online portal, since 2000.

  • You could reach the PACC-V {Promoter, Architect, Consultant, Contractor and Vendor} community through E-mailers.
  • Details of your product/services offering will be emailed to the relevant email ids of the PACC-V community.

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Your details will not be shared or used for any promotional activities without your permission.


Unique Advantages

  • Direct - Will be read by the identified person himself.
  • Focused - No media wastage, ensures cost-effectiveness.
  • Accurate - Email addresses continually validated.
  • Swift - Faster than conventional media and at fractional cost.
  • Flexible - Promotional material can be fine-tuned without tangible cost.
  • Spam proof - The mail will be sent from ProjectsToday, a recognized “white listed” source minimizing the chance of being treated as SPAM by mail servers.

PT-DMS Target Audience

PT-DMS will help you reach out to 75,000+ strong professionals from the PACC-V group, which include:

  • 48,000+ professionals who belong to project promoting companies (including top management, Project managers, purchase/ procurement managers etc.).
  • 6,000+ belonging to the project contracting companies.
  • 5,000+ from project consulting companies.
  • 7,000+ professionals from the architectural firms.
  • 9,000+ project vendors/suppliers.



Key features of DMS

  • DMS will enable you to reach out directly not only to project promoters but also the influencers, across sectors/geographical locations.
  • DMS will help you not only to generate sales leads but also qualify them. This service will also widely help to generate attendance at company-sponsored seminars, symposia and other events.
  • DMS is committed to reach out to an ever increasing number of key decision makers, thanks to our continual effort at building, validating and fine-tuning the mailing database. Our continual and close interaction with the project fraternity has helped us build a most reliable and up-to-date database of project fraternity.

ProjectsToday – Digital Mailing Service, offers you end to end solutions in reaching out to the key decision
making community of Indian projects industry.